Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Water

At this time of year most of Westlock's water looks like this:

and this:

Braving a nip at your nose wind I set out this afternoon to take a closer look for some watery sights.

As I walked through the graveyard I saw a little angel sat down by some water, looking heavy in thought:

My cowboy boots splashed along the cobble stone path, half submerged in water:

To the right lay a lonely looking flower in a watery place, blown away from its headstone:

Just around the bend a mini mountain and its shimmering lake:

That's all from Westlock for this week, to discover more towns from all over the globe, click the button below:


Simone Weichenhain said...

I like your shots. Stunning <3

Kerry said...

Melting ice and snow everywhere. Gosh, that little angel looks a bit tired of it all. :) Beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Lots of ice...the angel must be waiting for the thaw.

Peggy Jones said...

I love your header Sarah. Some great shots here. My favorite is the angel.

Party of 5 said...

I really love your shots Sarah- they remind me of my neighborhood right now. I really love the 4th one and the pic with the rose.
Have a great week-end!

Doreen Bates Zakem said...

oh my! all are so gorgeous and wonderful. 3,4,5 are my favs!