Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Yellow Flower, New Shoe, First Leaf

I have cheated on this entire post! 
First off, these pictures aren't even from my current town, they're back from when I lived on the west coast. Although I have re imagined them for today's entry.

More cheating below ...

...this first one, Yellow Flower is probably the most truthful:

But then there is the matter of new shoes, I currently have no new shoes! It's winter here and they would just get muddy and salt stained anyways. So I've cheated (hard to believe I know!).
This is my mental note that the hubby needs new shoes:

Now we come to my last picture this week, first leaf, or rather new leaves! I had to look at some old garden pictures to cheer me up today, as outside there isn't even one little leaf on those cold, icy branches.

And that's it for another week!

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Mersad said...

I think you did good. You found all of them. I didn't manage to, even if I could have cheated :) That's a lovely sunflower!

Mersad Donko Photography

Party of 5 said...

Cheat or not- great. I LOVE the sunflower and the note that hubby needs new shoes :)
First leaf- love it.

Ruth Kelly said...

Your first leaf is a winner - grand shot!

GingerV said...

the new leaf is a wonderful shot, and it was taken, I am sure, in your real spring in.... May?
There is an assumption that you can use your shots from archived photos and from towns that are considered ' your town " I have posted from probably 25 different towns, just cause I was there on a Friday.

Pauline said...

You get top marks for innovation, Sarah! I love the shoes shot! And the last shot - perfect for the topic, and if the weather doesn't co-operate, what else could you do???

Simone Weichenhain said...

Great pics,love your way to cheat <3

Jama said...

I love your interpretation!

Barb said...

It's not cheating, it's called 'creative interpretation'! Lol. Nice shots. Love the little dahlia bud.