Sunday, March 16, 2014

Macro Monday Challenge Linky - Green

Welcome to my second weekly Macro Monday Challenge linky!

This week's theme is GREEN, in honor of St Paddy's Day of course.

Please link up and share your comments.

Green flowers on old tattered curtains:

Green needles peeking through the snow:

Green tennis court boards waiting for summer:

What did you see that was green during your week?
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Sarah Was Here

Next Monday's theme: WORN


SlimDoggy said...

Great photos - love the green needles peeking out waiting for sunshine & summer.

Sarah Siwicki said...

Thanks for stopping by SlimDoggy! I too am waiting for sunshine and summer, once in a while I pull back the curtains with glee only to see more snow falling from the sky...then I close the curtains and curl back up with my cat, a good tv show, and nice warm cup of tea.